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The September When is a Norwegian rock band formed in Stavanger in 1987, by vocalist Morten Abel, guitarist Tor Øyvind Syvertsen and keyboardist Helge Hummervoll, all former members of the band Mods. They signed a recording contract with Warner Music in Norway, and released their self-titled debut album in 1989. The band line-up was broadened by the addition of bassist Gulleiv Wee and drummer Stene Osmundsen before the following tour. Syvertsen left the band the following year, and Morten Mølster took his place.

The new line-up released their break-through album Mother I've Been Kissed in 1991. After releasing two more albums, One Eye Open in 1993 and HuggerMugger in 1994, The September When split up in 1996. The same year they released the compilation Absolute The September When - Prestige de la Norvège 1989-96. Another compilation, The Best Of TSW, got released in 2002 and contains remastered songs.

According to the Morten Abel website, The September When reunited for a show on August 28, 2008 in Stavanger, Norway. The band returned with a fifth studio album "Judas Kiss" on December 5th 2008.

Origin Stavanger, Norway
Genres Pop / rock
Years active 1987–1996,2008–present
Morten Abel
Morten Møster
Stene Osmundsen
Helge Hummervoll
Past members
Tor Øyvind Syvertsen
Torkild Viig


When did you begin to steal
I hear this is new now what has come to your mind
One game is over and now comes another
Couldn't you run away with her like you wanted to
Or was there something that she would not do to you
Oh little yeah little I care
You're getting nowhere
You must let them hear you
Speak your mind
Ship in the morning with the golden light sleeping
On the water top
Dreams get better and better as the prices go up
Couldn't you get her up to a rendezvous

Or couldn't you get her first of two
Oh little oh little I care
You're getting nowhere
You must let them hear you
Speak your mind
Do you believe in Kingdom Come
Take the risk of leaving home



I follow you
barefoot or with shoes
And I will laugh on my way
'cos I'll get to you some day
But it's a dangerous track
It keeps haunting me back
But it still don't leave me no choice
I must keep following your voice
Where you go I go with you
Through the tunnel of evilness
My heart will never rest
Through scenes we've seen in "Angel Heart"

Where I have to do Mickey's part
I know this will take a lot of time
If years pass I won't mind
I'll be guided by the stars above
And the moon will show me to my love
I don't know what to call you saint or Satan
But you still capture the whole heart of mine
Prince gets a son and he calls him Nathan
I don't matter to me I follow you follow you
There's nothing to be afraid of
Even if you're alone
Leave it to the hand of fate
Leave it to the hand of fate
There's one thing I can assure you
You won't regret it
There's nothing to be afraid of
There's nothing to be afraid of



I'm working with my bare hands
I'm gonna be a rich man
I think I could dive 50 feet down
I'll do anything when you're around
I've sailed with a ship on the sea
Three times 'round the world it took me
I've been drunk in the port of Shanghai
And I've seen what is left of My-Lai
Not impressed
Not impressed

I work so hard to be best
Not impressed
I'm working so hard
I almost never rest
I'm up before the sun is rising
To keep my title as the champ in everything
I'm often to be heard on the wire
And my friends are the hippest that you can hire
My feet can run me from coast to coast
But baby I need you



Yes I admit that I
wish I could fly sometimes
just leave the ground
and watch everything from the sky, sometimes
it's unreal but imagine
the feeling of flying
Yes I admit that I

wish I could cry sometimes
(And sometimes I do)
Just lay my head on your shoulder
and be a child for a while
It's unreal but imagine
the feeling of crying



A Place To Stop lyrics

You talk a lot about silence day
As we drive along the so-called highway
I stop the pick-up on a hilltop nearby
So we can gaze upon the blue sky
I feel so safe with my hands upon the wheel
It's just like everything around me becomes unreal
And you tell stories close to lies about despair
Is there a place to stop
around here

Is there a place to stop
around here
And as the afternoon comes sneaking in
It brings with it from the ocean a cold wind
And you tell me about the trend in magazines
I try to find a place with gasoline
Is there a place to stop
Around here



I'm a quiet guy, I live within all reasons
but they say that I...
am not being careful when I'm played with
So to take me for a ride
is not for you, young girl
'cos I see right through when you lie
I got you once I can get you twice
Ha-ha ... So you don't believe that
so you are ready to play?
Then let it start, let it start
I feel like time is fading out
Now you've played your part
It's like a bomb exploding
Guess it's your lover
You come around with him
Your irritating lover
I think you call him Jim or Tim or Phil

Ahh ... This is gonna stop!
Well I guess I can turn away
But I warn you now
You have to be careful when you play
Take a good look up at the blue sky
and breathe
And I will take away
that look in your eyes
I want them to cry, cry, cry
Yes I will take away
that look in your eyes
cos I want this stopped
so please stop
I guess It's your lover
You come around with him
your irritating lover
I think you call him Bob or Steve or Finn
Ahh ... This is gonna stop
I'm so happy for the world is round
I go for a second time

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