Sunday, February 14, 2010



For all we know
We may never meet again
Before you go, make this moment sweet again
We won't say good night until the last minute
I will hold out my hand
And my heart, my heart will be in it
For all we know
This may only be a dream
We come and we go like a ripple on the stream
So love me tonight, tomorrow was made for some
Tomorrow may never come
For all we know

There are so many challenges that our country
faces, especially the problems of life in our big
cities. So may we all continue to work together
toward a kinder and more peaceful world; take care
of yourselves and each other, and I'm really glad
that our paths have crossed...

Goodbye for tonight, remember it now and then
Someday we may meet again
For all we know
Oooo...There's no telling where or when
For all we know...

[Speaking] Thank you so much! Thank you!

Well, this has been an unforgettable experience
for me...Nowhere on my tour have I been so warmly
welcomed, than in the greatest place in the world,
my home town, New York City! And there are so many
people here tonight! Just, just imagine how boring
life would be if we were all the same! And my idea
of a perfect world is one in which we really
appreciate each other's differences... Short/Tall,
Democrat/Republican, Black/White, Gay/Straight...A
world in which all of us are equal, but definitely
not the same, right? Hello Times Square! Thank you
New York!



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